Technical Topcis

2020 2nd International Conference on Video, Signal and Image Processing (VSIP 2020) aims at bringing together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the related fields of Video, Signal and Image Processing all around the world to exchange up-to-date research results.

Conference Topics and Scope include but are not limited to:
3D Data analysis  Crowd scenes Satellite images
3D Quality assessment models  Cumulative orientation features Scene analysis
3D Virtual views  Curvature detection Scene recognition
Action recognition  Deep convolutional networks SDN for videos
Adaptive quantization  Deep learning Sensor array and multi-channel signal processing
Adaptive smoothing  Detecting urban roads Signal and information processing on graphs
Aerial images  Digital and multirate signal processing Signal pre-processing algorithms
Aesthetic quality assessment  Edge-aware filters Signal processing architectures
Anomaly detection  Efficient video saliency Signal processing for communications
Audio and acoustic signal processing  Embedded signal processing Signal processing to improve sensor precision and accuracy
Automatic segmentation  Energy-based segmentation Social learning models, Bayesian signal processing
Background subtraction  Feature extraction and classification Speech and language processing
Biological imaging  Healthcare exercising signals Static and dynamic calibration
Blind noise assessment  High quality streaming media Processing signal, image and video collections
Cognitive information processing  Image and video processing Real-time processing of sensor signals
Compressive sensing  Image colorization Bio-mechanical feedback for diagnosis and rehabilitation
Computational imaging  Image denoising Biometric analysis, forensic analysis watermarking and security
Computational photography  Image quality assessment Biosignal acquisition, transmission, processing, and analysis
Normalized cuts and geodesics  Landmark detection Perceptual video compression
Object tracking  Lenses Photon-limited imaging
Off-line bio-signal processing  Measuring seismic images Physiological parameter monitoring
Pattern recognition  Motion recognition Plenoptic cameras
Perceptual evaluation  Multi-camera imaging Processing demosaiced images
Perceptual metrics  Multimedia signal processing Ultrasound image segmentation
Perceptual transparency  Noise reduction Statistical signal processing
Visual content analysis  Image restauration Hardware and software for signal, image and video processing
Visual media compression  Visual aesthetic Implementation of signal, image and video processing systems
Videoconfences  Video retrieval Machine learning, feature detections, bio-inspired techniques



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